An Analysis of using Web Application as Distributed Computing Platform

Parin Chiamananthapong and Krerk Piromsopa


Distributed Computing Systems, Web Technologies, Desktop Grid, Parallel Computing Systems


With the emerging in HTML5 and JavaScript, gap between web application and legacy desktop applications have been reduced; making this platform a suitable choice for distributed computing. In this paper, we present a survey of latest web technologies with the focus on performance improvement for distributed computing platform and use web browser as frontend client agent. We present an analysis of tools and compare to existing platform. Finally, performance evaluation has been performed. Several JavaScript features are gathered to benchmark the performance against that of the native compiled applications. The results show that performance achieved in web application is comparable to that of native applications. This platform eliminates the need to install additional software. It lowers the barrier of entrance. Clients can join by just simply opening a specific web page. In addition, it also gets the web application advantages including secure sandbox environment, instant deployment with platform independence and large user base.

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