The Study of High Frequency Vibration in Complex Coupling Structure via GM(h,N) Method

Wen-Long Xu, Guo-Qing Gong, Hong-Hai Li, and Kun-Li Wen


High frequency vibration, GM(0,N), Panel-beam coupling structure, Influence factor


With the development of technology, people almost have solved the problems caused by low-frequency vibration in the mechanical field. However, the problems caused by the high frequency vibration are not solved at present. Hence, the paper is based on the consideration of high frequency vibration impact factors, and it uses the GM(h,N) model in the grey system theory to identify the degree of impact factors of panel-beam coupling structure. Through pasting the mass onto panel-beam coupling structure randomly, it changes the structure of body mass, rigid and damping size. Also, according to the test, it adjusts the simulation model to ensure the correctness of the simulation model. In the simulation software Autosea2, it changes the parameters of mass, stuff and damping randomly, and it reaches the response values of the system. Next, the GM(h,N) method in the grey system theory is used to calculate the weighting of each influence factor. The results show that damping loss factor of the framework has greater influence on high frequency vibration response values, followed by damping loss factor of the panel, and tensile modulus has the least influence. It can be concluded that during the process of making and using panel-beam coupling, the main focus is to consider the properties of the materials based on resolving connection problems. We try to control the damping loss factor changes in different connecting ways to reduce the impact of the structure. The reached conclusion can be the reference to other relevant panel-beam coupling high frequency vibration.

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