Framework for Gap Analysis based on Priority of Software Deployment Requirements

Thidarat Petprasom and Nakornthip Prompoon


Software Deployment Process, Gap Analysis, Software Requirements Prioritization, Analytical Hierarchy Process


Software deployment is an important phase of the software development life cycle because it makes software available for the customers. This process needs collaboration between developers and customers. Usually, there are many particular requirements requested from customer aspect. However, software deployment is not directly related to the development of software main functions. Many developers, therefore, tend to underinvest in this process. The critical consequence of a deployment failure is that software may be not available on the targeted environment. This paper presents a framework for gap analysis based on software deployment requirements prioritization. It supports an analysis of a large volume of requirements in order for developer to perform deployment process. The framework is consisted of five related procedures; Project Establishment Phase, Software Deployment Requirements Prioritization Phase, Software Deployment Reference Process Prioritization Phase, Gap Analysis Phase, and Gap Evaluation Phase. Each organization can apply this framework to evaluate gaps between the software deployment requirements and the deployment process according to what the customers really need and improve deployment process to satisfy user need.

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