A Point Cloud Interpolation Technique for Enhancing Measurement of a 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Ekkaphob Srichandra and Viboon Sangveraphunsiri


Point Cloud Interpolation Technique (PCIT), Curve Reconstruction, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)


This paper presents a Point Cloud Interpolation Technique (PCIT) to enhance the resolution of point cloud measured by using an automatic laser scanning Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This CMM machine is developed in-house. This technique is to increase a number of points contained in any sets of point cloud which represent the cross section profiles of an object surface. The resolution of raw data obtained from scanner is limited by a resolution of the camera used for digitizing points. To enhance resolution of point cloud means increase detail or information of shape especially when high slope area occurred in the measured object. High slope area is not easy to measure with typical low resolution CMM. To overcome this problem, PCIT can divide the raw data point cloud (low resolution point cloud) into a number of point sets. These point sets are used to generate piecewise smooth curves by applying least square fitting. Then the curves are resampling to obtain higher resolution point cloud or modified point cloud. The new point cloud obtained by combining these point sets can be used to represent high slop areas or to generate cloud points for discontinuing surface. The new point cloud can be imported to commercial CAD systems and can be used in reverse engineering application.

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