Analysis on the Rolling Motion Mode of New Floating Objects Collecting Trimaran

Zhiping Xia, Songlin Yang, Wanglin Yang, Yiyan Wen, Yan Xia, and Weihao Weng


new trimaran, mode of rolling motion, hydrodynamic coefficients, PCcluster


In this article,to make this new trimaran work better,the author made an experimental research on the rolling motion mode of the new trimaran under different drafts,using MTi Micro AHRS System to measure the free damping angular velocity curve.And with system identification based on optimization,the author conducted the identification of rolling motion mode,which verified the feasibility of this method.Using optimization calculation and Genetic Algorithm,the author obtained the rolling motion differential equation of the ship model under different drafts.Furthermore,the author investigated the variation of hydrodynamic coefficients.The research method and results could give technical support to in-depth research and designing and development of the rolling motion of this kind of trimaran.

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