Track-Following Controller for Hard Disk Drive Actuator using Quantitative Feedback Theory

Takat Benjalersyarnon and Withit Chatlatanagulchai


Hard Disk Drive, Track-Following Control, Quantitative Feedback, Robust Control


Hard disk drives have been highly improved in capacity due to advance in technology. Thus the position control system must be well designed in order to control their read/write heads more precisely within ±10% of the track width. Many control approaches are proposed to solve the track-following problem in a hard disk drive under a disturbance. However most approaches increase an order of the system, resulting in higher computational resource while the conventional controller cannot overcome the disturbances and the uncertainty of parameters. In this paper, we present a track-following controller that is designed for a hard disk drive using Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) which is a robust controller design method based on a frequency domain. The result shows that the proposed controller can attenuate plant uncertainty and plant output disturbance. The time response can meet specifications with 0.4ms 5% settling time. Comparing with PID controller, the advantage of the proposed controller is consideration of plant uncertainty and disturbance sources in design process.

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