Robust Inverse Dynamics Control and Vibration Rejection with Image Tracking for Inertial Stabilization System

Kritsanun Malithong and Viboon Sangveraphunsiri


Visual Object Tracking, CAMshift, Inertial Stabilization System


This paper presents a controller design of an inertial stabilization system and a target tracker for image optical sensor. The inertial stabilization system is a mechanism for controlling the inertial orientation of video camera which mounted on the aerial vehicle structure. The target tracker is an image processing technique for detecting targets in the video image from the optical sensor. The motion control of the camera system is divided into two parts; the first part is the real-time tracking targets in video sequences, the second part is a servo control system. We propose an object tracking algorithm using a CAMshift algorithm that finds the target position in the current frame. The motion of target position in the video sequence can be used as an input value for the servo-control loop. The reference trajectory is generated by the target tracker. The gimbaled stabilization system must stabilize the line of sight toward a target against the external motion induced by air vehicle maneuvering and aerodynamic forces. The robust inverse dynamics control and acceleration feedforward for the pan-tilt unit would move the camera position in order to keep the target in the center of the camera image. The experimental results illustrate that the pan-tilt camera can automatically follow the moving target and record it. The control loop for the pan-tilt unit was developed that would send rate commands to move the camera position in order to keep the target in the center of the camera.

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