Multi-Bond Graph Modeling of Pan-Tilt Platform using Object Oriented Modeling Approach

Muhammad Haider, Raja Amer Azim, and Waheed Ul Haq Syed


Multibond graph, multibody dynamics, Autonomous vehicle


Pan-tilt platform (PTP) is a complex electromechanical assembly and its motion is characterized by coupled non-linear behaviour. Control design and validation for PTP needs system models with different levels of abstraction and fidelity. The study is an attempt to build a multi-bond graph (MBG) model of an ideal PTP using object oriented modeling (OOM) approach. Joint friction, backlash and detailed actuator dynamics can be incorporated in modular manner. One of the mechanical imperfection; mass imbalance in tilt axis is also presented. The multi-bond graph model is created using 20-sim and results are compared with a general purpose multi-body dynamics software.

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