Fault Tolerant Crab Gaits of a Quadruped Robot: The Use of Moving Appendage

Jung-Min Yang and Seong Woo Kwak


Gait study, Quadruped robots, Locked joint failures, Crab gaits


Gait study on quadruped robots with a locked joint failure is discussed in this paper. The quadruped robot has a moving appendage which, attached onto the robot body, serves as a controllable apparatus that changes the equivalent position of the center of gravity. We propose a crab gait sequence for the quaruped robot to continue its static walking despite an occurrence of a locked joint failure. Analysis on gait stability and control of the moving appendage are addressed in the framework of fault tolerant gaits. We also provide a case study to illustrate the motion of legs and the moving appendage in the proposed fault tolerant crab walking.

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