Research on Extraction Technology of Gear System Failure Diagnosis based on Stochastic Resonance

Wentao Huang, Weijie Wang, Xuezeng Zhao, Peilu Niu, and Yunfei Xue


Fault diagnosis, weak signal, stochastic resonance


Vibration signals extracted from rotating parts of machineries carries lot many information with in them about the condition of the operating machine. Further processing of these raw vibration signatures measured at a convenient location of the machine unravels the condition of the component or assembly under study. Stochastic resonance system is a method for nonlinear system could transform part of the noise energy to the signal. Stochastic resonance method has an important role and significance in the weak fault signal detection. In this paper, according to the characteristics of the gear system failure signal, using the stochastic resonance system detects failure weak signal of the gear system to achieve fault diagnosis purposes.

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