Recognition of Gait Patterns with Partial Weight Bearing using Insole Plantar Pressure Sensor

Sheng-Wen Lin, Chiu-Ching Tuan, Tsair-Fwu Lee, Chi-Heng Lu, Chia-Hsieh Chang, Mei-Chuan Chen, and Yu-Feng Chien


Partial Weight Bearing, Gait Phases, Plantar Pressure Sensor, Force Sensing Resistor


Because of 2 to 10 months of the lower limb recovery, many therapists in clinical medical centers prescribe with partial weight bearing (PWB). For preventing the permanent walking disability, the patients after the surgery will do with it. The most physical therapists usually do it with a bath-room scale to weight the weight distribution between the 2 legs to adjust the pressures and make patients rehabilitated safely. We hence proposed a novel system and algorithm called gait classifier of pressure centers (GCPC) to sense the pressure distribution in PWB. We use 6 sensing points and transmit the pressure signals by Bluetooth to the custom terminals. Therefore, the data of PWB can be saved and processed by this system. With the lower cost and high portability, it can reduce the error by the quantization, objective views, and high portability. We provided this system to make the traditional prescription more friendly, precise, and feasible for the patients and therapists.

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