Triggering Different Collision Response Algorithms Stated at Penetration Depths

Evangelos Sismanidis


Virtual Reality, Physically Based Simulation, Collision Detection, Collision Response


The following work contributes to the field of real-time simulation environments in which deformable objects are manipulated by rigid bodies. To model these manipulations, appearing collisions between bodies and objects have to be detected. Complex bodies are approximated by simple geometrical bounding volumes which enable the use of efficient collision detection algorithms. Depending on the consistency of the objects and the force which is transferred to them, deformable objects behave in different ways. The work at hand presents a method which triggers the corresponding collision response algorithm according to the depth the deformable objects have been penetrated by the bounding volumes. It introduces the ”Line of No Return”, which triggers topological changes instead of elastic or plastic deformations. Different parameters of this method lead to a variety of material consistencies. Results are presented for tissue handling with microsurgical forceps to decide whether tissue is dragged, pushed or teared. The computation time does not depend on the amount of collisions which were detected, thereby the real-time criteria for the simulation scene could thoroughly be met.

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