WEE: A Mashup System using Social Networks for Collaborative Environmental Monitoring Education with Spatiotemporal Analysis and Visualization

Diep T.-N. Nguyen, Shiori Sasaki, and Yasushi Kiyoki


Social Network Service (SNS), Mashup, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Education, Multimedia Database


The aim of this research is to construct a new collaborative mashup system, named Web-based Environmental Education (WEE), for global environmental monitoring research and education in which all participants could associatively organize multimedia data about physical environments and visually monitor various environmental topics based on time-series multi-geographical views. The main features of this system are: (1) collaborative multimedia database creation using “social sensors”, (2) information aggregation from Web resources, (3) content-based image and document retrieval, and (4) big-picture visualization with spatiotemporal view controllers and content-based image, document retrieval. In this paper, a new designed usage of social network services as an educational tool and a new method for gathering environmental information from Web resources are presented. We also present three promising educational scenarios to examine the applicability of the system.

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