WebLab for Control Applications in Engineering Education

Wânderson de Oliveira Assis, Alessandra D. Coelho, José Carlos de Souza Junior, Leo Kunigk, Aniel S. de Morais, Gustavo M. Lemos, Estevão dos S. Gedraite, Eduardo K. Takahashi, and Rubens Gedraite


WebLab, Control Systems, PID control


This paper presents the use of a remote access laboratory, a WebLab, with real equipments and systems that can be controlled remotely by the web. At the approach, the WebLab allows the development of multidisciplinary experiments in control and automation areas that can be used as a tool for engineering education and for research projects. This first WebLab includes an application that allows the remote access using a page on internet for drive control of a DC motor. Using this application the user can perform experiments as the open loop test in DC motor in order to obtain non-parametric system model and tuning of PID controller to ensure efficient speed and position motor control.

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