The Easily-Handled System Synchronizing Data Results on Moodle for iOS and Android Phones

Toru Ochi, Taku Nakasuji, Hiroyuki Dekihara, and Yusuke Kobayashi


e-Learning, Moodle, iOS


This paper presents the application software for iOS and Android devices. The iPhone and Android phone are popular among students. Users of these devices install various software applications. We focused on the effectiveness of repetitive learning for earning a license in a specialized field and built a system providing consecutive learning environments by utilizing digital tablets. Our system server has Moodle installed. The students access this system and use learning materials via PC Web-browser. On the other hand it is not applicable for mobile devices users to use these materials as they use touch panels. Therefore we have developed application software targeting for touch panel uses. However MoodleHQ released "My Moodle" native apps for iOS. This software is designed for synchronization of learning contents. Our system differs from others in that synchronization of learning result data. Our system has two advantages: 1) The application for mobile tablets automatically gets learning contents from the network. The student is able to use the materials repeatedly by the mobile device. 2) This application sends learning records to the server. Accordingly students are able to keep learning consecutively via either PC Web-browser or mobile devices.

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