Video Content Management Platform for Distance Learning in Mobile Environment

Mikko J. Uitto


PHPmotion, distance learning, video portal, education


The massive growth of powerful mobile devices and fast network connections have emphasised the use of electrical material in education and distance learning. The traditional form of paper books can be replaced nowadays with ebooks and pdf readers in tablets. However, the audio-visual content in education has also increased during the past few years as the era of high definition (HD) has started. One phenomenon, distance learning, has gained popularity among university students since the lecture content can be viewed over distance from mobiles, tablets and laptops. Youtube-like solutions for accessing the video content are preferred more than basic video download, leading to a solution where teacher can possess and distribute the content on a single server. This paper illustrates our open-source video content server for educational usage where PHPmotion operates as the course video content platform. Several modifications were added to PHPmotion in order to obtain support for mobiles and tablets with different operating systems. The target of this work was to create an educational, simple, open-source video management platform that can be easily integrated to CDN environment. Our long-term target is to create low-latency video communication to the platform by utilising novel video compression and streaming techniques.

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