Zask: A Case Study on Online Collaborative Learning

Xiaoyan Wang, Jinchuan Chen, and Xiaoyong Du


Online collaborative learning, OCLP, STEM+


Modern educational theories, such as collaborative learning, constructivism and inquiry learning, have achieved many successes in real-world applications. Especially, with the development of information technologies, there have been several online collaborative learning platforms in practice. Unfortunately, as these platforms are either too complicated or too expensive, none of them are suitable for us in the practice of STEM+. Moreover, most of these platforms are in English, while we are using Chinese as our teaching language. Using an online collaborative learning platform (OCLP) named Zask, this paper reported our practice in online collaborative learning on course Introduction to Database System. According to the data collected from the first round of our practice, it shows that users’ active participations in Zask could benefit for both teaching and learning, and then provide positive effects in education.

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