Online Scientific Dissemination of Knowledge Blended with Face-to-Face Learning

Svend Tveden-Nyborg


Online dissemination of knowledge, learning divide, blended learning


Danish seed scientists want to disseminate their knowledge to the Danish seed industry to educate consultants, growers, and students and to improve their skills and knowledge about seed production. Interviews and workshop activities have been conducted to analyze both the current information flow between the seed scientists, seed consultants, and the seed growers, and the requirements for a knowledge website for learning new seed science. This paper describes the specification requirements set for the required website including taxonomized hierarchical meta-tagging, RSS, legal matters, together with limitations and potentials. However, selecting online communication media as a dissemination tool for a community comes with a challenge – among other things it risks creating a learning divide between fast and slow learners. According to the theoretical framework “Diffusion of Innovation”[1] innovation is experienced differently throughout a society due to fast and slow adopters. Blending online learning with face-to-face experience will strengthen the learning curve among the targeted users and ensure a faster dissemination of knowledge and thus learning to the entire community.

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