A Competent Post-Authentication and Non-Repudiation Biometric-based Scheme for M-Learning

Georgios Kambourakis and Dimitrios Damopoulos


mLearning, Authentication, Non-repudiation, Security


As mobile learning (mLearning) gains momentum, so does the worry of the parties involved to mLearning activities regarding the security and privacy level of the underlying systems and practices. Indeed, the basically spontaneous nature of mLearning and the variety of out-of-control devices that are used for supporting its activities, makes it prone to a plethora of attacks such as masquerading and manin- the-middle. Thus, the provision of some sort of postauthentication and non-repudiation service in an effort to deter and repel ill-motivated activities may be of particular value in such realms. Compelled by this fact, in this paper, we introduce a dynamic signature-based biometric scheme to enable the offering of both of the aforementioned services in mLearning domains. We argue that our solution is both practical and lightweight. Its feasibility is also demonstrated through the use of machine learning techniques.

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