An European Project on Web-based Education in Nanoelectronics

Slavka Tzanova, Silvia Schintke, Danilo Demarchi, and Philippe Morey-Chaisemartin


Academia/Iindustry collaboration on Web-based training, nanoelectronics, sectoral qualifications system, credit system


The NanoSkills project is intended to support the development of sectoral qualifications system and frameworks by definition of qualifications of engineers and technicians in nanotechnologies in terms of learning outcomes to promote transparency and recognition of vocational education and training (VET). The project brings together VET providers, higher education (HE) institutions, small and medium enterprises, professional organisations to assess future skills needs and promote business input into course design, as stated in the "New Skills for New Jobs" initiative and to develop special courses for upgrading knowledge in the sector of nanoelectronics technologies. Through job analysis the necessary knowledge, skills and competences in nanotechnology engineering were defined. Nine courses are designed by the best laboratory/department in the field which dispose with the necessary infrastructure and facilities for practical work. These are e-learning courses and m-learning performance support modules. Tests of the ECVET application to VET qualifications and recommendations how to enhance permeability and progression between VET and practiceoriented HE will be done during the pilot test.

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