Learning Linear Algebra by Combining a Virtual Game in Class and Web-based Learning Activities

Hitoshi Nishizawa, Kohtaro Shimada, and Takayoshi Yoshioka


Software and hardware system for web-based education, Linear algebra, Conceptual understanding, Virtual game, Interactive graphics


A web-based learning system is a convenient vehicle to integrate structured learning materials with interactive graphics, which connects symbolic and graphic representations through direct manipulation by students. However, it often needs some mechanisms to attract students’ attention when the system is used at extra curricular activities. As the attraction, we adopted a virtual game played by 40 students in class and combined it with the learning system of 3D vector equations. The game is a tournament of battles fought among teams of avatars. And the winner of a battle is calculated by an operation of 3D characteristics vectors of avatars and the battlefield. The students who want to win the battles try to collect training points for their avatars by doing exercises on the learning system. Configuration and preliminary effect of the combined system are presented in this talk.

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