Using AHP to Compare and Evaluate Software Security Testing Techniques

Khalid Alnafjan, Tazar Hussain, Gul Faraz Khan, Hanif Ullah, and Abdullah S. Alghamdi


software security, Security testing, testing techniques


The number of potential vulnerabilities and threats are increasing for software. Security testing is an essential process to confirm software security requirements and to identify security related vulnerabilities. In this paper we use analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to analyze and compare different available security testing techniques based on a pre defined criteria. Five testing techniques were selected which includes Source code analysis, Fault code injection, Robustness, Stress and Penetration testing techniques. They have been evaluated against five criteria which include cost, thoroughness, ease of use, effectiveness and efficiency. The outcome of the study is helpful for researchers, testers and developers to understand effectiveness of each technique in its respective domain. Also the study helps to compare the inner working of testing techniques against a selected criterion to achieve optimum testing results.

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