Guide to Design Pattern Selection based on MAS Technology

Eiman M. Sahly, Rabeia N. Abdleati, and Omar M. Sallabi


Design Pattern Selection, Recommender Systems, Multi-Agent System, Agent Technology


Working with design patterns made significant progress towards the goal of improving the quality of software production. One of the major issues confronting used design pattern is the appropriate selection for them. However, developers of experienced are able to choose the occasion design patterns for a given problem effectively; unluckily, are difficult task for inexperienced. Thus, there several tools for help choose of pattern. In this paper presents our attempt to use agent technology to enhance assistant the developers to selecting fits design pattern that need to solve their problem. This study focused on the improving the process of pattern selection through proposing an architecture Design Pattern Selection (DPS) based on Multi-Agent System (MAS) supports to obtain the appropriate recommendation.

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