Automatic NoSQL Schema Development: A Case Study

Tamás Vajk, László Deák, Krisztián Fekete, and Gergely Mezei


Cloud computing, Optimization, NoSQL, OCL


Cloud service providers offer a huge variety of schema-less NoSQL data storage solutions. The flexibility of these data stores offer greater freedom in structuring the data than relational databases. However, it would be desirable to make use of the strong mathematical background of relational data structures. In this paper, we introduce an automatic NoSQL schema optimization that uses a normalized data schema as starting point. We analyze the predefined set of queries, and compile the schema that can serve the queries with minimal cost at a certain query load. The introduced process is performed on a conceptual model of the database, and the queries are defined in Object Constraint Language to simplify the analysis. The optimization algorithm is introduced through a case study.

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