Halo-Free Design for Retinex based Real-Time Video Enhancement System

Yuecheng Li, Hong Zhang, and Mingui Sun


Retinex, application, halo artifacts, parallel processing


Retinex becomes a prevailing theory in the field of image enhancement. In the literature, efforts on developing better illumination estimator have been made to alleviate the traditional halo artifacts existing on abrupt intensity changes. FPGA or DSP based real-time realization of Retinex algorithm is also studied. However, it is found that those real-time systems often suffer from a different kind of halo artifacts caused by inter-frame motion. That is because the algorithm is often realized with pipeline structure. In this paper, a complete halo-free design for Retinex based realtime video enhancement system is proposed. Separable bilateral filter, which is further optimized with a three-scale combined spatial Gaussian filter, is adopted to alleviate traditional halo artifacts. And an improved pipeline structure which adopts a motion estimation technique is proposed to restrain the motion caused halo artifacts. The overall design is analyzed and simulated. Experiments verify that the proposed design is able to achieve the goal of halo-free.

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