Recovery from Intermittent Faults for Input/State Asynchronous Sequential Machines

Jung-Min Yang and Seong Woo Kwak


fault tolerance, corrective control, asynchronous sequential machines, intermittent faults


This paper presents a corrective control scheme that automatically counteracts the adverse effect of intermittent faults in the logic of asynchronous sequential machines. When an intermittent fault occurs to the machine, a set of state transitions defined in the machine suspends the normal behavior for a finite interval. The objective is to design a corrective controller that makes the closed-loop system show the normal input/state behavior despite the occurrence of an intermittent fault. We show that realization of fault tolerance depends on a certain reachability property of the asynchronous machine. For validating the applicability of the proposed control scheme, we implement the closed-loop system on VHDL code.

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