Multi-Sensor Data Processing for Air Traffic Control System

Daekeun Jeon, Yeonju Eun, Hyounkyoung Kim, and Chanhong Yeom


tracking, surveillance, radar, ADS-B


Multi-sensor data processing (MSDP) software is developed as a core module of the surveillance data processing system (SDPS) for air traffic control. MSDP processes not only radar input but also data from ADS-B and multilateration (MLAT), allowing it to produce system tracks for other applications in the air traffic control system. The multiple plot variable update (MPVU) and the interacting multiple model (IMM) are adopted in the MSDP in order to process data from multiple sensors and to support multiple flight modes. Tracking performance test results based on EUROCONTROL surveillance standards indicate that the MSDP meets EUROCONTROL requirements.

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