On the Simulation of Radio Frequency Thermal Lesions in Porcine Liver

Mario Gallati and Giovanni Braschi


Biomedicine and Biomechanics Modelling, Radio Frequency Thermal Ablation (RFTA), numerical simulation, liver resistivity


In the present paper we present some results of our research on the RFTA (Radio Frequency Thermal Ablation) simulation: in particular the steps performed for the validation of the numerical model. We performed a series of RFTA experiments on pig liver tissue as accurate as possible, at different powers, measuring the time evolution of temperature in selected points and impedances, to be taken as a reference to compare the output of different numerical models. We present the results obtained with a basic simulation model (shortly described) assessing the need to account for the change of the tissue electrical resistivity with temperature. We then underline the need of getting a deeper insight in the phenomena that bring to the power suspension thus limiting the extension of the necrotized tissue. At the end we suggest a line for the future development of the research.

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