Simulation and Control of a Spider Crab Biomechanical Model

Rita Rynkevic, Manuel F. Silva, and Arcelina M. Marques


Spider crab, Locomotion, Biomechanics, SimMechanics, Modeling, Simulation


One line of research and development in robotics receiving increasing attention in recent years is the development of biologically inspired robots. The idea is to gain knowledge of biological beings and apply the knowledge thus acquired to implement the same methods of locomotion (or at least use the biological inspiration) on the machines we build. It is believed that this way it is possible to develop machines with capabilities similar to those of biological beings in terms of locomotion skills and energy efficiency. One way to better understand the functioning of these systems, without the need to develop prototypes with long and costly development, is to use simulation models. Given these ideas, this work concerns the study of the biomechanics of the spider crab, using the SimMechanics toolbox of Matlab/Simulink. This paper describes the anatomy and locomotion of the spider crab, its modeling and control and the locomotion simulation of a crab within the SimMechanics environment.

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