Modelling and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicle with Extendable Intermediate Body on an Inclined Surface

Saad A. Agouri, Osman Tokhi, Abdullah Almeshal, Omar Sayidmarie, and Khaled M. Goher


Inverted pendulum, Lagrangian formulation, Inclined surface, Fuzzy logic control


This paper addresses the modeling and simulation of a novel two-wheeled vehicle with an extendable intermediate body on an inclined surface. The vehicle design offers an additional feature to the conventional inverted pendulum on two wheels. The intermediate body of the vehicle is composed of two co-axial parts connected by a linear actuator and with a payload attached at the end of the upper part. The linear actuator allows the payload to move up and down along the IB of the vehicle. Lagrangian modeling is used to derive and present the dynamic model of the vehicle. The developed model is a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) type with highly nonlinear and coupled dynamics. A control strategy is developed and implemented in Matlab Simulink [1]. Simulations and results showing successful control of the systems are presented in the paper.

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