Attitude Control System Design for Aggressive Maneuver of a Quad-Rotor UAV

Byung-Yoon Lee, Dong-Wan Yoo, and Min-Jea Tahk


Quad-Rotor UAV, Aggressive Maneuver, Open-loop control, 6 DOF Simulation


This paper addresses the methodologies of attitude control system design and aggressive maneuver for a Quad-rotor UAV. For this purpose, first of all, Quad-rotor UAV’s dynamic model is derived, and it was used for designing an attitude controller of the Quad-rotor UAV. Attitude controllers are designed by two different methods. One is open-loop control system design and the other one is closed-loop control system design. Performances of both controllers are tested by 6-DOF simulation assuming that using the motion capture system on indoor flight test. Closed-loop control system is designed by conventional PID control method. In case of the open-loop control system, control inputs are calculated by quad-rotor dynamic model and thrust system model that are identified by thrust test. 6-DOF simulation environment was constructed in order to verify the performances of attitude controllers. We assume that flight tests are performed with motion capture system in an indoor facility. Therefore, 6-DOF simulation environment considers the indoor motion capture system. In addition, we present a methodology for an aggressive maneuver; especially flip maneuver method that is applied from the designed controllers in previous researches.

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