Two-Parameter pLPV Modeling of Nonstationary Harmonically Related Multisine Disturbances for Reduced-Order Gain-Scheduling Control

Xinyu Shu, Wiebke Heins, Pablo Ballesteros, and Christian Bohn


Polytopic linear parameter-varying system, Active vibration control, H optimal control, Disturbance rejection, Harmonic disturbances


A two-parameter polytopic linear parameter-varying (pLPV) modeling approach for nonstationary harmonically related multisine disturbances is presented, and a pLPV controller based on this model is introduced. An exact model for disturbances with known nonstationary frequencies is used. The number of the scheduling parameters is reduced to two using the disturbance model presented. The controller only consists of the disturbance model. Therefore, the controller order is the minimal order required for asymptotic disturbance rejection. Experimental results validate the effectiveness of the controller using an active vibration control (AVC) test bed.

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