Modeling of Serial Parallel Assembly of Valveless Micropump using Bond Graphs Approach

Abdennasser Fakri, Patrick Poulichet, Latifa Fakri-Bouichet, and Tien Truong-Cong


Bond Graph, Valveless micropumps, Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, State Space Models


The bond graph methodology is used, in this work to model and study the working principle of valveless micropumps. Two kinds of architecture are considered. Their design is achieved by combining two single chamber valveless micropumps in serial and in parallel manner. Both architecture use a pair of pumping chambers provided with a pair of asymmetrical set of nozzle-diffuser. The working principle of the different parts used to create the liquid flow is analyzed. For each of these microfluidics systems, a global bond graph model is proposed to represent their dynamic behavior. From the analysis of the graphical representation, the corresponding mathematical models in state space representation are given in terms of dimensions. Considered as outputs of the two valveless micropumps models, the flow rate equations are proposed.

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