Using VDM in a Co-Simulation Setting for an Industrial Conveyor System

Kim Bjerge and Peter G. Larsen


Bond Graph Modelling, Formal Modelling, Co-simulation, Control Engineering Applications


This paper describes an industrial application of a new research technology enabling the co-simulation of models in both continuous-time and discrete-event formalisms. Continuous-time modelling uses the Bond graph formalism and a tool called 20-sim while discrete-event modelling uses the VDM formalism and the Overture tool. This work also incorporates a semi-formal graphical overview notation called SysML. The actual application concerns modelling of a conveyor system containing trolleys with the ability to tilt. This technique can be used to compensate for high speeds in curves in order to avoid parcels falling of the trolleys. The main challenge for this kind of physical system is that a system solution requires both insight into the mechanical behaviour as well as ways in which the system can be controlled discretely by a software based solution. This paper demonstrates how it is possible to bridge the gap between these two different disciplines when using co-simulated models.

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