Parametric Control of National Economy within the Framework of Regional Customs Union

Abdykappar A. Ashimov, Bakhyt T. Sultanov, Yuriy V. Borovskiy, Nurlan T. Sailaubekov, Madina E. Abylkassymova, and Dauren T. Aidarkhanov


Mathematical modeling and simulation, Estimation, Parametric control, Economic policy instruments


Econometric estimates were obtained in the form of a regression function of the main macroeconomic indicators, included in the terms of equilibrium of the macroeconomic markets of national economy (by example of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan) within the framework of its operation as a part of regional customs union and interaction with the rest of the world. Based on the checked for spurious regressions functions the econometric model was built for open small economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its sustainability indicator was evaluated. Macroeconomic analysis has been conducted on the basis of econometric models. Proposed and illustrated an approach of estimating the optimal values of economic policy instruments in the functioning of the national economy within the regional customs union and its interaction with the outside world.

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