Vision based Fire Detection using Colour Variance

Mohamad Ajami and Zaharya Menevidis


Fire detection, video analysis, change detection, computer vision, image analysis, household fires


In recent years, there have been a variety of attempts in research and industry to solve various problems by using the non-contact detection and interpretation possibilities of computer vision, as one image offers the floor to analyse different causes and sources in parallel. It is logical to apply an integrated approach via image and video not only to venture into new and innovative fields, but also to optimize and improve existing solutions with other sensors and to solve contemporary problems. In this paper, we will deal with the integrated approach for optimizing and improving fire detection. The detection path is going to be solely based on the colour features of household fires in addition to a colour independent feature of fire that owes to enhance the detection result. The end goal is to achieve real time fire detection and obtain a low false positive rate.

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