Ultra-Wideband Positioning for Assistance Robots for Elderly

David Espes, Ali Daher, Yvon Autret, Emanuel Radoi, and Philippe Le Parc


Ambient assisted living environments, Remote controlled robot, UWB localization


In this paper, we suggest to use low cost robots and Ultrawideband (UWB) technology in order to help elderly. In the context of the targeted application, a mobile robot is designed to remotely interact with a person acting as supervisor, and also to monitor their environment. UWB is then very helpful to ensure precise localization of the robot inside the house. First, we present our experimental robotic platform,based on of-the-shelves components, and our experimental software environment in the cloud. Then, we describe our localization approach which relies on two phases: Time of Arrival (ToA) estimation using the dirty template algorithm,and Bancroft method for the robot position estimation. Finally, our simulation results are presented and discussed.

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