A Comprehensive Monitoring System for Photovoltaic Arrays

Venkatachalam Krishnan, Henry C. Braun, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu, and Andreas Spanias


Applications, Visualization, Photovoltaic Arrays


With increased adoption of renewable energy, more effective array management strategies are needed. Many arrays are located in remote locations, where faults within the array often go unnoticed and unattended for large periods of time. Technicians sent to rectify the faults must spend a large amount of time determining the location of the fault manually. Automated monitoring systems are needed to obtain the information about the performance of the array and detect faults. Such systems must monitor the DC side of the array in addition to the AC side to identify non catastrophic faults. In this paper, a prototype comprehensive monitoring system is presented for management of utility-scale PV installations. The system continuously monitors and logs the performance and condition of the array and provides a variety of data visualization and reporting functionality to the facility operator.

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