User-Generated Pornographic Video Detection using Shot-based Sensor Pattern Noise

Dae-Jin Jung, Dai-Kyung Hyun, Seung-Jin Ryu, and Heung-Kyu Lee


pornography detection, pornographic video detection, shot-based SPN, sensor pattern noise


Illegal distribution of user-generated pornography (UGP) videos raises lots of negative aspects associated with the digital contents. This paper proposes a first forensic technique to detect UGP video. To discriminate UGP videos, we exploit shot based sensor pattern noise (SPN) from an image under investigation. By thresholding average peak-to-correlation (PCE) values from the shot based SPNs, the video is decided as a UGP video. Preliminary experiments, which consist of UGP videos, normal videos, and Japanese commercial pornographic videos, indicate adequate performance of the proposed technique

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