Creating Stego-Images through Hiding Single and Multiple Data using Different Steganographic Tools

Ahd Aljarf, Saad Amin, and John Filippas


Image Processing, Steganography, Image Steganography, Image Analysis Stego-Images


Recently, the concept of ‘Image Steganography’ is became an important issue in the computer security world. Image steganography simply means hide some secret data into an object. The object can be a text, an image or a sound, but the most popular cover object used for hidden secret message is images. On the other hand, to detect these hidden messages, many methods and techniques can be used as well. However, the procedures of detecting any hidden data, is called ‘Steganalysis’. This paper focuses on creating stego-images through hiding secret messages into clean images. It also reviews some image steganography methods and tools. In order to create a number of stego-images, three steganographic tools are used. They are: OpenStego, S-Tools and F5 algorithm. With respect to the hidden data, one and more hidden data file is embedded. In addition, testing for differentiating between stego-images created and the clean one is presented.

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