Power Distribution for SVD-Aided MIMO Transmission with Receiver-Side Antennas Correlation

Andreas Ahrens, Francisco Cano-Broncano, and Cesar Benavente-Peces


Multiple-Input Multiple-Output System, Antennas Correlation, Wireless Communication


Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems have influenced nearly any mobile communication standard. However, in many cases the theoretically possible potential can't be reached since of the proximity of transmitter and receiver side antenna arrays. The phenomena called correlation affects the channel capacity and the link BER (bit-error rate). Therefore in this paper receiver-side antennas correlation and its modelling are investigated. Together with the appropriate signal processing (e.g. singular values decomposition), the effect of receiver-side antennas correlation is studied. Our results show that under the effect of correlation not necessarily all layers might be used for the data transmission since the weighting of the stronger layer within the MIMO system becomes even more stronger. Simulation results are shown to underline these effects and the benefits of using appropriate power distribution strategies.

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