Demosaicking Algorithm with Directional Contour Information

HyeJin Shin, Dmitriy Khvan, Gwanggil Jeon, and Jechang Jeong


Demosaicking, Color filter array interpolation, Bayer color filter array, Directional filtering


In this paper, we propose a new algorithm, which exploits edge directional information for demosaicking. In order to obtain the edge directional information, we have developed 5x5 size contour information filter. The proposed algorithm can be briefly explained as follows. The initial estimation of the green channel is performed prior to blue and red channel interpolation. After this process is completed, the estimated green channel is modified according to the edge directional information. This produces the final estimation of the green channel, which is later used for blue and red channel estimation. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed color demosaicking technique outperforms several existing methods in both CPSNR and visual quality.

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