DIBR 3D Video Watermarking with Faster DT-CWT Quantization

Hee-Dong Kim, Ji-Won Lee, Seung-Jin Ryu, Hak-Yeol Choi, and Heung-Kyu Lee


Depth-image-based rendering, stereoscopic watermarking, watermarking


As the 3D content market is growing up rapidly, copyright issues on the 3D content naturally have come into play. Among the various 3D coding techniques, depth-imagebased rendering (DIBR) has been studied by numerous researchers due to its coding efficiency and 2D compatibility. However, conventional watermarking scheme for 2D content cannot be directly applied to the DIBR content because DIBR process is considered as a new type of attack in terms of watermarking design. In this paper, we propose a watermarking scheme for DIBR 3D videos with an improved version of DT-CWT magnitude quantization. In order for efficient watermark embedding and extraction on DIBR 3D videos, all frames are grouped. Then, the watermark is embedded repeatedly and periodically so that extraction performance is enhanced. Furthermore, the quantization process is improved to a faster version by checking sum of magnitude and setting a start point of quantization order optimally. The simulation results show that the embedded watermark is stably extracted from center views and virtual views. Moreover, when the watermarked virtual views are distorted or processed by compression, scaling, median filtering and noise addition, the embedded watermark is extracted with low BERs.

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