A Comparison of GPU Box-Plane Intersection Algorithms for Direct Volume Rendering

Stefan Zellmann and Ulrich Lang


Volume Rendering, Rendering Algorithms and Systems, Box-Plane Intersection Algorithms, Geometry Programs


In order to avoid load imbalances on the GPU during di- rect volume rendering, a common scheme was to move the generation of proxy geometry, that quite often con- sists of polygons retrieved through box-plane intersections, from the CPU to the vertex stage of the GPU. Nowadays, with the unified shader architectures implemented by mod- ern graphics hardware, usually non of the programmable stages will starve anymore. Nevertheless, redistributing calculations for proxy geometry generation from the vertex stage to the newly introduced geometry stage of the graph- ics hardware results in some serial computations that can be performed more finely grained, thus hinting the graph- ics driver to schedule more tasks in parallel. We propose different implementations of box-plane intersection algo- rithms on the GPU that use the vertex- as well as the ge- ometry stage and compare their performance on modern graphics hardware.

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