Facilitating Creativity in Education using Constructive Function-based Modelling

Alexander A. Pasko, Valery D. Adzhiev, Evgeniya E. Malikova, and Victor V. Pilyugin


Interactive geometric modelling, Computer art, Digital fabrication, FRep


We describe the ways in which an approach to constructive shape modelling based on the Function Representation (FRep) can be used to facilitate creative thinking in artistic and technical education. This approach assumes the use of a simple programming language or interactive software tools for creating a shape model, generating its images and finally fabricating a real object of that model. It can be considered an educational technology suitable not only for children and students but also for researchers, artists, and designers. The corresponding modelling language and software tools are being developed within an international HyperFun Project. We applied the theoretical framework and software tools on different levels of education starting from elementary schools to doctoral thesis research in various areas related to artistic design and animation, computer graphics, programming languages, software development and experimental physics. Several application case studies in various areas of art, design, and technical education from different educational institutions and countries are presented.

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