Unifying Software and Hardware-Centric Inertial Measurement Units in Body Sensor Networks

Tudor Pascu, Zeeshan Patoli, and Martin White


Animation, Motion Capture, Inertial Body Sensor Networks, Hardware-Centric


Because of advances in micro-electro-mechanical sensor technologies, animation studios are adopting body sensor networks to reconstruct human movements. This paper introduces a novel software environment designed to create and customize body sensor networks by interfacing with heterogeneous sensor devices. Customizability is achieved through a new file format consisting of sensor definitions, configuration and connectivity semantics in conjunction with traditional motion data. Body sensor networks require ample transfer speeds and synchronization protocols to ensure that angular readings are computed accurately. Those concepts are highlighted through two contrasting case studies of software and hardware-centric motion processing. In the first study, several wireless sensor modules are integrated using Bluetooth. In the second study, a prototype motion capture suit, featuring a motion processing multiplexer, is integrated to form a comparison.

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