Improving Anchor Selection for Inertial Motion Capture Systems through Weight Distribution Calculations

Tudor Pascu, Zeeshan Patoli, and Martin White


Motion Capture, Animation, Horizontal Displacement, Weight Distribution, Lowest-Point Algorithm


This paper presents a novel approach for computing the horizontal displacement of inertial motion capture systems by augmenting the lowest-point algorithm with methodologies for calculating a body's musculoskeletal centre of weight. This approach is aimed at improving the overall anchor selection process of kinematic models during gait to alleviate common anomalies found in foot placement estimation. Sensor inaccuracies and anatomical asymmetries can compromise the computation of horizontal displacement in motion capture systems. These faults become apparent when motion performers are dragging their feet, crouch walking or crawling. This innovative approach is being applied to our prototype motion capture system that interconnects twenty inertial measurement units. Each node couples sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) with small processing units to compute kinematics at the firmware-level. This approach reduces the need for post-processing and improves the overall foot placement estimation, which is especially useful in real-time motion capture applications.

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