Simulation of Lenticular Image

Taemin Lee, Hochang Lee, and Kyunghyun Yoon


Lenticular, Object Positioning, Simulation


Trick art is a genre of artistic expression that can give not only beautifulness but also entertainment. Lenticular image (or printing) is one skill of trick art that shows different image depend on the viewer’s viewpoint by controlling refraction of light. The object, seen by viewer in some view angle, goes shimmering when the viewer change the view angle. In computer graphics area, other trick arts were simulated, but simulation of lenticular image is not well progressed. So in this paper, we do simulate the lenticular Image. For this, we first set the position of input object image on the given background image depend on the similarity of gradient. And then blend the object into background image. Lastly, we cover the lenticular lens on the image that is the composition of original background image and blended image. Finally, we can generate the 3D scene which simulates the lenticular images.

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