Intelligent Eye-Information Fusion Monitioring System

Yingjie Li, Chaobo Min, Baohui Zhang, and Bin Sun


Image fusion system, contrast stretching, color transfer, Image Mosaic


We have designed a new type of real-time image fusion system which named Intelligent Eye-Information Fusion monitoring system. The system achieves the functions of image fusion, target detection, image stitching. Meanwhile it can applicable to the field of security monitoring, and water search and rescue. The system mainly consists of two parts. One part is the detection system; another part is display system and control circuit. These two parts are connected by the transmission system. The first part is mainly used for multi-spectral image acquisition and image fusion, and the second part is mainly used to control the first part and display the image. We use two algorithms which are applied in the system. The one is used in grayscale fusion, and the other is used in color fusion. At last, four kinds of features are explained, including image fusion, image stitching, moving target detection, and switching function of visual field.

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