Surface Functionalization of Bioactive and Ferrimagnetic Glass-Ceramics (SC45) with Gallic Acid and Folic Acid

Xin Zhang, Sara Ferraris, Enrica Verné, Alberto Venturello, and Enrico Prenesti


Glass ceramics, functionalization, gallic acid, folic acid


The coupling of artificial materials and biological molecules is an interesting strategy in order to obtain specific and effective methods to detect signals in tumor cells and develop biological therapies in cancer curing. A bioactive and ferrimagnetic glass ceramic (named SC45) was selected for the functionalization in this research. Two model biological molecules have been employed for the grafting: gallic acid (a phenolic acid known for its antioxidant, antibacterial and anticancer activities) and folic acid (a B group vitamin involved in cell growth and repair and often employed as cancer cell marker). Direct grafting to surface exposed hydroxyls group has been selected for gallic acid while silanization and carbodiimide activation has been used for folic acid coupling. XPS and FTIR techniques were adopted to evaluate the effect of surface modifications.

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